February James


I’ve been creating with my hands for as far back as I can remember.  I made a career out of it - called myself a make-up artist.  It was beautiful, it was adventurous, it was the life that I had designed.  Though I embraced it, I still felt at times that I wasn’t able to completely express my creativity.  There was still this strong desire to use and strengthen my innate artistic voice.  Then life changed.  My needs changed. And my voice as an artist changed.  I wanted more artistic independence.  More control over what I created and at the same time - more freedom with my creations.  I became compelled to share my personal sketches and artwork.  I started to embrace this new journey.   Sequestered....vulnerabilities as my lurking shadow - I was consumed.  I was consumed, with being consumed, by my art.  It was a welcome change that soon become cathartic.  It became my rhythm.  It became my breath.  So, to be in a place where the art speaks to those outside of my house in a way that moves people to want to engage more with both the art and the artist .. I am thankful.  


I am extremely grateful for all of the Q & A’s that help me to realign with my inner child, my artist self.  

Thank you. 



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