image: ed canas

image: ed canas


My process is a mix of sociology, mysticism & folklore.  I use my personal experiences as well as the world around me.  I am acutely aware that transitions are omnipresent and I believe because of that my works reveal a sense of displacement.  I’m normally operating somewhere between private confession and public entertainment.  For the most part, my paintings begin in an organized fashion, and then they seemingly slip into chaos.  

My reference material is an amalgamation of my immediate environment, conversations overheard, photographs, film, and music.  When painting I am solely guided by my instinct and this cathartic need to release.  This urgency is evident in the visceral nature of my work.  My goal as an artist is to simply always communicate my truth, be lead by intuition and fueled by change. 

I'm from Washington DC, currently living and working in Los Angeles.



Self-represented and taking clients on a limited basis.